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Exceptional Education

Learning Program Goals

Our goal is to aid children in their active exploration and to help them become self reliant, confident and enthusiastic learners.

Children learn through play.  Our program provides your child with an opportunity to learn through play, which is the preparation he/she needs to understand many concepts.  For example, before children understand the concept ‘hard and soft’ they need to experience the feeling by working with pudding art and building blocks.

Our curriculum-based learning focuses on three areas of development:

  • Cognitive - Foster child’s ability to problem solve and enhance language skills.
  • Physical- Assist child in developing his/her large and small muscle skills and to feel confident in using them.
  • Socio-emotional – Help child to feel comfortable at the Center, develop sense of trust, independence, and belonging.

About Our Curriculum

Educational programsEarly Steps Learning Center  provides structured lesson plans to guide teachers and encourages teachers to adapt the plans to their classroom and inject their own creativity and experiences.  In all of our teachings we strive to make our learning experiences innovative and enjoyable for the children!  Our learning program aims to develop well-rounded children by exposing them to a wide variety of areas such as:

  • Science, mathematics, reading/pre-writing, and fine arts to develop a love and confidence of the core educational building blocks.
  • Computer exposure to help prepare for future academic challenges.
  • Sign Language and Spanish to build communication skills, which will prepare your child to handle rapidly changing dynamics of our society.
Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Our Curriculum is divided into nine monthly units from September to May, followed by our exciting Summer Program. Each unit will be introduced to our parents with an informational letter that describes what your child will be learning and concepts and skills that he or she will practice.

Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kindergarten Enrichment

Early Steps Learning Center has adopted Creative Curriculum for most of our programs.  Creative Curriculum is a holistic, child-centered program that provides our Center with hundreds of age-appropriate, hands-on learning experiences to motivate children and promote social, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and physical development.

Our infant and toddler programs offer a healthy balance of cognitive and motor skill development; building self-esteem through nurturing personal care; interaction with other children to spark curiosity and socialization; and sensory and language development through the right combination of activities, materials and toys.

For more information about our Curriculum and to see it in action in our classrooms, schedule a tour  or  call us at 440-944-2223.


Cincy After School Curriculum for Before & After School

Cincy After School program was designed to support the healthy development of children by building strengths and meeting the needs of the whole child.  Increased student achievement and reduction of risk-taking behaviors are two primary goals of the program.  The curriculum achieves these goals through engaging students and their families in balanced activities aligned with Ohio Academic Standards.”

Cincy After School curriculum focuses on:

  • Building relationships with students as the foundation
  • Creating supportive environments as the key to proving learning and growing experiences
  • Connecting to programs and learning practices that foster growth

For more information about our Curriculum and to see it in action in our classrooms, schedule a tour  or  call us at 440-944-2223.